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Buffalo, N.Y.'s best horror punk rock!!!

The Rabies Fiend Club
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The Rabies are a horror/gothic punk rock band from the Nickel City of Buffalo, N.Y.
They have influences such as 45 Grave, The Damned, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Misfits, Dead Kennedy's, Christian Death, The Doors, The Rezillos & more!, they always play a terrorific show any time they emerge from the darkness to infect your hungry empty mind.
The line up for The Rabies is...
Lexi Lawsuit - Vocals
Dr. SIK - Guitar
88 - Keyboards
Jimmy Fiction - Drums
they did have their bassist Blair Bitch but she is no longer in the band, farewell!
Last year they played the biggest/horror punk/psychobilly/death rock/goth punk 3 day music festival Drop Dead Fest in New York City & infected the crowd with their mind blowin' tunes!

In 2004 they released their debut album "Get Infected!!!!" with tracks such as "Psycho Teenage Mutant Massacre", "Television", "Exterminator", "Whiplash Love", "Epidemic", "Imitative", "Pied Piper" & "Freddy, I Love You" this album is sure to pump the poison into your veins as the transformation begins!
The Rabies will also soon release their upcoming E.P. "Night Terror" with songs such as "Black Lagoon Bordello", "The Suffocate Twist", "Domination Of The Dead", "Formalde Heidi" & "Disease" this record is gonna open up the minds for all the twisted maniacs out there!!!

If you wanna check out more on The Rabies go to their site.
Also checkout their MySpace site.

Now go on & check out the tunes & get infected!!!!